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Joy of the Season By: Tarina Lovegrove Writer


Christmas is almost here

There is joy for the season

Happiness fills our hearts

for a special kind of reason.

We celebrate the birth

of our Lord and Savior

People seem to cheer up

You feel it with their behavior.

Smiles seem to go further

down each and every aisle

Traffic tends not to be so harsh

as you travel every mile.

Shoppers are quite busy

as they roam from store to store

The buzz is exciting

when we look for gifts galore.

Little Susie’s tears

seem to be less unnerving

She quickly adjusts her attitude

in hopes of presents she’ll be deserving.

Little Tommy makes out his list

and presents it to Mom and Dad

He cleans his room, does his chores

for there are presents to be had.

Hubby completes his honey-do list

and you spend hours in the kitchen

Sister calls with her best recipes

because she wants to pitch in.

Kindness fills our souls

as we give to those who need more,

by helping to prepare, for the winter chill

Good old Jack Frost has in store.

All of this is very grand

as we plan for the big day

Still yet we must remember

to bow our heads and pray.

So as you prepare for the season

Remember to do your part

for Christmas is about Jesus

And the love instilled within your heart.

From our family to yours

we wish you peace the whole year through

May you find success and happiness

in everything you do.

May all your dreams be fulfilled

We wish this in every way

With a season full of love for you

and a very Merry Christmas Day!


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