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Tennessee: Incredible Tiny Homes

By: Maggie B. Featured Contributor / Editor TSCMagazine

February 12, 2023

I am pleased to introduce you to Mr. Randy Jones the CEO of Incredible Tiny Homes of Newport, TN. I was very blessed to meet Amanda and Randy at the October 2022 Home and Garden Show in Fresno, CA. We engaged in conversation about the company and in the CHRISTMAS ISSUE of TSCM they are our on the Cover and are our very Special Featured Guests.

They traveled across the country to attend the Event and display their Amazing Incred-i-Box Home. The home was fully loaded with off-grid solar package and ready to be moved into.

I loved the look, the amount of room inside, the clean lines of the structure, decorate it any way you like, and the fact you could take it anywhere an RV could go. It was tested on the rough, uneven, muddy roads of the "Mountain" property and passed with flying colors, nothing was broken.

I invite you to investigate their website (soon to be under re-construction) and learn about their LOW prices, HIGH quality, VARIETY of floorplans, FAST build-outs and OUT the door platforms. Go to:

Be sure to tell the OFFICE when you contact them that M PAULETTE BRYANT (that's me) sent you and I don't have a sales number as of this writing. If you have any questions, myself or the TN Team will be happy to answer them. Our contact information is listed on this website.

By the way.... guess what Randy JUST did? He bought property in Crystal, Nevada (high desert) and is developing a TINY HOMES OFF GRID COMMUNITY. The plan is to have landscaping, palm trees, vegetation, roads to the interstate that goes to Pahrump and Las Vegas. There is plenty of underground water, and he's planning on a community center, food and gas store, utilities, social activities for the residents and so much more!

The rent for your lot is ONLY.... ONLY... $200.00 Per Month! Yes, you heard right, only $200 per month! Incredible!

If you are looking for the right home at the right size, layout, quality, prices... then look no further than Incredible Tiny Homes... Randy Jones and his skilled craftspeople are super amazing!

Take care you'all and God bless you and yours.... Maggie B.

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