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Come and Get It!!!

One of the staff members, from the kitchen... at 6:30 am, he would take a giant ceramic Rooster off the dining room side table, come to the front of the double entry doors and start CROWING... like a Rooster... "Come and Get It!" He would yell! And, here the people would come from every doorway in the building!

At the noon hour the outer joining room to the Conference Rooms would have a long banquet table of the best.ests... foods ever! I was so concerned that I couldn't eat from it because I am on a special health program to lose weight, and so much I just can't tolerate... but I had NO problems with what they served and how it was prepared.

The variety was amazing... there was 3-4 different meats, 2-3 different salads, 3-4 different side dishes, breads, and desserts! Yummy! Then inside the conference room was long tables filled with all types of goods, cookies, muffins, fruits, nuts, mixed, yogurt, water, sodas, coffee, tea and so much more. We never went hungry or had to worry about our next meal or snack.

The conference rooms were large, with just the right temperature controlled, comfortable chairs, outlets for the computers to charge their batteries, good lighting, overheads, music speakers, mics and carpeted throughout.

I really had a great time... and I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND staying at the Embassy Suites of Tempe, AZ to anyone that ask... Oh, by the way... the day I left the Hotel was starting to REMODEL the entire Hotel. All new everything!

Happy Summertime! Blessings

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