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Maggie's Summer Message

June 2023

Hello Dear TSCM Friends:

Good morning, everyone, as I sit here listening to a lawn mower going back and forth by my window, I am reminded of all those summers from my childhood. When I was younger there were very few electric/gas lawn mowers. The grass was cut by a push mower, and it took a lot of strength to get it to move.

My dad rarely mowed the grass, he always had a local kid come and do it for a dollar or two. When we moved to the desert at Eagle Mountain, California we expected to have nothing but dirt and rocks for a yard. We were so surprised when we saw a well manicured and lush green grass growing throughout the community. Dad’s company hired groundskeepers to maintain the yards, both front and back. And we could plant flowers and bushes on our lot.

As summer is rapidly approaching, we should be mindful of God’s beautiful landscapes. He had given us the green grasses, the multitude of flowers, trees both short and tall, blue skies and white fluffy ‘real’ clouds, and fresh air to breath. Let us be so thankful to Him for these earthly gifts. Let us not take for granted that these things will always be here, we are responsible for taking care of them too. When you see trash on the ground, please carefully pick it and place in a trash bin. Don’t throw your paper and cans on the ground, place them in the proper containers. If one is not available, put that trash in a place you can retrieve it later on. We must be good landscapers of our planet.

This summer we encourage you to have lots of outdoor fun, wear your sunscreen, your hats, and be extremely safe around water. Be courteous to others, help those in need, be kind with your words, and please, be mindful of not disturbing others with loud music, to much yelling, or outdoor equipment. We wish you a WONDERFUL and SAFE Summer Holiday. God bless, Maggie B.


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