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GOD has a Plan!

First, I have three prayer warriors who listened to my concerns with empathy and compassion. All three encouraged me and attested that God does in fact, hear our prayers... even mine. So I’ve asked them, if he’s heard my prayers and knows my heart, than why hasn’t He answered my prayers?

This was a great lesson in faith. What I was told is that God does answer prayers but they may not be in the way I might have been expecting. They shared scripture with me and prayed over me. I felt so comforted and loved. I was encouraged to continue to pray, trust and believe. The journey continued.

Then I found myself at work, listening to my Christian radio station when Danny Gokey’s song, “Haven’t Seen It Yet”, came on the radio. The words to the song literally captured my soul. Danny encourages, “You’re closer than you think you are... only moments from the break of dawn.”

The truth is... Danny was right. Any given moment my prayers could be answered. I just need to hold tight, stay close to the Lord and exercise patience, which can be really hard to do sometimes. I continue to walk and continue to have faith.

Then, I was up late at night watching videos on Youtube when I stumbled on a great movie called “An Interview With God.” The story line is about Paul Asher (Brenton Thwaites) an up-and-coming journalist who has the amazing opportunity to interview a man (David Strathairn) who claimed he was God.

Coincidentally, the journalist is struggling after taking a writing assignment in Afghanistan during wartime and his life seems to be falling apart when he returns home. The movie was fabulous and really helped me work through some of the questions, I’ve been asking myself for quite some time.

At one point during the movie, there was a discussion on the subject of free will. The man who played the role of God told the journalist; “Is the problem that you don’t trust God’s plan or is the problem you don’t trust yourself.” Now this really gave me something to think about.

The truth of the matter is I do trust God with His plans for my life. I have less faith in my abilities to make good decisions. So what was the problem then? I simply needed to let go of the ‘control factor’ and put more faith in God’s plan for my life. And this is what I have decided to do.

So now, I am walking stronger in my faith and trusting more heavily in the fact that God does have a plan for my life. My role is to play less offensively, spend more time sharing the glory of God, and simply receive the blessings that will unfold. The result so far has been that I am happier and more at peace with my life. God is in control and I am looking forward for what He has in store.

I say all of this for a reason. Is there something you struggle with in your life? Are there prayers you have prayed that seem to be unanswered? I invite you to do as I have done. Let’s “Let go and Let God”... as the saying goes. Let’s walk stronger in our faith and trust God’s perfect plan. And remember to share your stories!

Thank you readers, and God bless.

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