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Christmas Joy

December is here

The season has begun

It is time for us to celebrate

The birth of the holy Son.

Mary and Joseph traveled far

as much as they were able

They had almost lost all hope

when an innkeeper shared a stable.

The angels had told them

They were richly blessed

Still that winter night was cold

And they really needed rest.

They searched to find comfort

with hearts meek and mild

for within her very womb

Mary carried her small child.

She would name Him Jesus

Innocent He would be

Yet He would someday be the sacrifice

For sinners like you and me.

We don’t deserve His kindness

We don’t deserve His love

We sincerely are unworthy

Of His mercy from above.

So lay down your sorrow

Lay down your tears

Release every angst

Erase all your fears.

We have a King in Heaven

Let Him do His part

Eternal life is yours

With Jesus in your heart.


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