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Flowers in the Spring

By: Tarina Lovegrove, Feature Poetry Author

As a warm symbol of love

the rose shines classy and bright

its whisper sweet and tender

drifts into the precious night.

As the lilly blossoms

daylight shares a caring smile

for it enjoys the stunning beauty

and its blissful endearing style.

The tulip strong and sturdy

yet gentle as it may be

offers sweet delight

shared with you and me.

The orchid, oh the orchid

A fragrant little child

entrusts its scented pleasure

with a manner softly mild.

Carnations extend happiness

as joy and wonder fill the air.

They bring together friendship

and do it with great flair.

Flowers in the Spring

are fabulous beyond measure.

Thank you, God for this precious gift

that we forever treasure.


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