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Once More

By: Tarina Lovegrove

August 18, 2023

Oh, mighty Jesus

how I long to see Your face

and have You hold me in Your arms

consumed by Your embrace.

Once more I’d like to clench Your hand

as we walk along the shore

with all my hopes and dream fulfilled

in eternal life forevermore.

How I want to surrender my soul,

bow down at Your very feet.

It is You, precious Lord and Savior,

that I surely yearn to greet.

Once more I’d like to sit beside

Your thrown so very great,

Receive the joyous crown of life

as I enter Heaven’s gate.

Your promise is true Oh Lord,

I welcome Your solemn vow.

To my knees I shall swiftly fall,

before You, I soon will bow.

So, as I close my eyes tonight

for what may be the very last time

I put my peaceful soul to rest

as I hold Your hand in mine.


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