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Forgiveness Begins in the Heart

By: Tarina Lovegrove, Author / Poet

Sometimes I get angry,

really, more often than I should.

My emotions can get the best of me,

I wish you understood.


Why do I feel you say things

that bring pain, hurt, and sorrow?

I just can’t talk to you right now,

maybe I’ll try again tomorrow.


I need a bit of time

to gather all my thoughts.

I’m feeling somewhat overwhelmed

and my stomach is in knots.


So off to my room I go,

You can find the couch.

I’m too upset to talk right now,

because you’re being such a grouch.


On my way to bed

I happened to look into the mirror.

What seemed to be a blur

soon became quite clearer.


It takes two to tango

and I too said some awful things.

How can I be so cold

to the man who wears my ring?


I took a deep breath,

saw errors in my way,

then I decided to correct myself

so, I bowed my head to pray.


Father, do forgive me,

for being so very mad.

It’s not what I had intended,

I know I’ve been very bad.


Please give me a heart

that can forgive and forget

for I don’t want to carry

so much sorrow and regret.

I walked back down the hall

to apologize.

When I got to the living room   

I saw real tears in your eyes.


How could I be so wrong,

I fell down to my knees,

asking you to forgive me

would you Honey, please?


Then you gracefully took my hand,

gave my cheek a gentle kiss.

My eyes began to sparkle

and I began to reminisce.


I remembered our solemn vows,

to love each other madly.

Deep down inside I cherish you,

I should not have treated you so badly.


The moral of this story

is to look deep inside.

Often when we are mad,

we simply need to put away our pride.


Do what is right,

Always do your part.

Listen to God’s wisdom,

forgiveness begins in the heart.



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