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Welcome to Texas Star Magazine, your ultimate source for news, entertainment, and inspiration. Discover the latest trends in fashion, explore exciting travel destinations, and get inspired by stories of success and resilience. Whether you're interested in tiny home communities in the USA or want to learn DIY skills for building your own tiny home, we have it all covered. Join our community of passionate readers and enjoy our Quarterly Texas Star Magazine for your dose of updates and Christian value inspirations.



In this issue of TSM we are featuring amazing articles and interesting stories about "Heaven", through "Heartfelt Poems" by Tarina L. 

Our wonderful "Texas Explorer" talking about Tiny Home Communities and Builders, and our favorite, "Maggie's Message"! 

We hope you enjoy and please Share this website with others.  Complimentary to all!  Blessings, Maggie B. 

A blue house surrounded by nature

Home Tiny Sweet Home

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