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Out with the Rat and In with the Ox!

Happy New Year 2021... God help us all!

2020 was a year of transition, flexiblity, change, adaption, and for some -- fear! It was a year that has affected every single person in the world. No one was left untouched by the forced changes that we had to face. The C-19 was considered the WORST illness that we have in our history. Of course that is not true by many facts on past illnesses, such as the black plague, swine flu, and polio... just to name a few!

We are humans living in a sinful world and only by the saving grace of Jesus Christ can we ever be protected and have the opportunity to go BACK to Heaven when we die. This world will destroy itself and all those that live a life of cruption and evil. It is a FACT that one day == very soon == Jesus will return to take His people back to the Father God.


Are you ready to go home?

Are you ready to be in Heaven with Jesus and all those loved ones that have gone on before you?

Are you ready for the RAPTURE?

There are many great books, videos, blogs and ministeries that share the Gospel, one that comes to mind is listed on this website: The Rapture: the final emergency!

Please read it, and soon, Don't put off what is coming. There won't be another chance to say YES to Jesus. The split second that He appears... it will be TOO LATE for grab for the brass ring! The party is over and YOU will lose your salvation and your home in Heaven!

If 2020 hasn't taught you anything... let it scream to your mind and heart... the RAPTURE is coming... FACT: we have only a short time left. All the scriptures, time tables, and prophesies point to it.

We can look forward to our home in Heaven... even if 2021 is BETTER than this past year... the FACTS remain the same... "looks are deceiving" and 2020 or 2021 are also been deceiving many people... BE SMART and call upon the Savior for your salvation of your soul.

We at TSCM love you and want to see you in Heaven with us. Please come to Christ today!

God bless you and yours as we turn another number over on the calendar!

TSCM Editor, Maggie B.


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