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Good Morning, Lord!

By: Tarina L. Poetress

Good morning, Lord,

the sun is shining bright.

Good morning, Lord,

how was your night?

Mine was pretty, special,

I got a good night’s rest.

yet it is the change in my perspective,

that makes me feel so blessed.

Circumstances are difficult,

this I know as true.

Still, I choose to be thankful,

for all that You do.

We have the moon and stars,

hilltops and flowers.

Your creation is so beautiful,

I could gaze at it for hours.

Then we have life’s conveniences,

like the toaster and cell phone.

for these I give great thanks,

rather than my normal groan.

Can’t forget my loved ones,

that I hold so near.

You’ve blessed me beyond measure,

for this I give a cheer.

I love my friends and family,

more than they’ll ever know.

There’s so much I take for granted,

so much to you I owe.

So, as I start my day,

may I look at it with much delight.

For what may look pretty dark,

truly is so very bright.


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