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Get ready for a "Chilly" 2022!

Every year in November I drag out my warm coats, pull over sweaters, hats, gloves, boots, and earmuffs. I pack away my summer outfits and put a cover on top of the box. Then I shove the box to the back of my closet and think to myself “Okay that’s done.”

I often will check the weather reports to see what is coming for the next 10 days across the USA. I like to be prepared in case I need to travel or go shopping.

We’re still in December 2021 and so far, Texas weather has been ‘warm’… TOO warm!

I had to drag out the ‘summer’ clothes and put the sweaters back in the winter boxes. Even a light-weight jacket has been too hot to wear in Central East Texas.

However, in early December of this 2021, starting in Colorado area and just north of Texas Panhandle, there were several huge stormy blizzards with tornados that rushed across the central to northern-into the southern States and did a lot of damage to entire towns and many people lost their lives.

Even though we check the weather reports for these storms, it is vital that we stay informed and be as prepared as much as we can… because it seems to me that come Jan to May… our weather may become quite unpredictable.

So, folks I keeping my ‘winter’ box and my ‘summer box’ of clothes available. I simply will put on my robe and slippers then step outside my door, look at the skies for clouds, rain drops, or clear blue skies; Then I will test how hard the wind is blowing, next I will go back inside and either put layers of winter clothes or get back into my summer box and dress in shorts and tops!

Be ready for anything in 2022! Happy New Year everyone!


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