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Prayer is the Only Way!

In these trying times, 2020, it is even MORE important that people humble themselves and PRAY like never before! The fact is ... we are experiencing changes and turmoil like no other in the history of mankind.

Yes there has been situations and distruction throughout the world. But those incidents were mainly isolated events and may have included some countries to FIGHT for their freedom and rights, but not the entire world was involved. WWI and WWII were great examples of almost the entire globe being pulled into fighting the enemies.

People came together for a common cause of freedom from communism and markism and control over the population of that day. People from all nations understood what was at stake if they didn't rally under one flag -- freedom flag -- and fight back.

Now, we are in a WAR, that could easily be called: WW-III. It has the same enemy - the devil - as in other wars and he is trying his best to destroy our world with LIES and by BLINDING the hearts of the people.

WE must FIGHT BACK with pray and more pray and with SPEAKING OUT in the Name of our Father in Heaven, or we will loose our freedoms, our homes, our livelyhoods, our relationships, and our world itself!

Young people, under 40... DO you really want to live in the kind of world where there is no freedom of speech, no protection from bad people, no one to come to you when you call 911 for fires, break in your home, robberies, rape, kidnapping your child or wife or husband, no one to lean on for support, like your minister, church family, or having your choice of religion that gives you comfort... do you really want to live in that environment?

Do you really want to be under the dictatorship of the devil and his demons? Don't they try tormitting you enough already? Do you really think that by CHANGING our past histories, destroying our memories, and cussing each other out on the streets is really going to make things better? Think again! It will only make our lives worse and scarier! Do you really want your children living in that kind of a world?

Us - Baby boomers and Gen Y will pass away some day and the world will be left for you all to run... and if you keep pushing for a NEW NORMAL... you will find that new normal will be unbarable to live under... your children will be NOT yours to raise and love, and you won't own a home, a car, clothing styles that you like, pretty decorations in your place, travel any time and any where, getting the job or career you want, or enjoying the earth's present beauty! It will be GONE! All of it will be GONE! THAT will be the world you and your children will have to LIVE in.

Hollywood has made movies about such a world... and these movies are based on facts with some fiction added in for entertainment storytelling... but they are still based on facts from people that study history, or are given visions from the Lord, prophesies, words of wisdom, and then they write these stories... NOT so unreal... I would say very, very real!

We don't want that for you... we want you to have your FREEDOM to love your life, enjoy its richness, beauty, and fullness there within...

Think, young sweet ones... what you are pushing toward today... will actually destroy your tomorrows.


"We ask you Father God for your divine protection throughout America during these fires and storms! Help us to walk through the storms and the fire and to get to the other side of the Jordan! We are willing to adhere to your “will” and submit ourselves to you in humbleness!

We love you Lord and we worship you through not only the good times but the tests and trials because we know that that during these times, we grow closer to you and mature in your love! You are our God, our creators, our protector and supplier of all things!

We love you more today than yesterday! Thank you for being with us and keeping us safe…help us where we are weak. You said Lord in your Word that we should walk in love, in faith and to trust you no matter what…That is what we are declaring today that we are in love for our fellow man and neighbors…we trust you and we walk by faith.

You also said that when we ask for ANYTHING in Jesus’ name and believe that it will be done, that you will do it! We are asking and believing for a good outcome over these storms and fires, and any kind of destruction in our world, Father-God and we thank you for your love and your will be done!!! Amen!"

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