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HCM Alaska ...Far North West Adventures

In December’s Alaska - Part 2 HCM is featuring beautiful photographs of Alaska taken during a 90+ day summertime adventure.

These photos were taken by RV Nomad, Carolyn on YouTube Channel of Carolyn’s RV Life as she and her amazing dog –Capone explored ALASKA.

They journeyed from one end of the State to the other. They traveled the main paved highways that would turn into gravel roads with a lot of pot holes. The photos shows wild-life on the sides of the highways, glaciers, oceans, rivers running fast, mountains and meadows.

Also shown is the Artic Ocean –that is 414 miles north of the bottom of Alaska, on the Dalton Highway. It is one of the most remote roads in the world. The pipeline snakes around the road from one end to the other. Read More at website below.

This is the best adventure that anyone can take and still stay at home in their living room! So…sit back in your easy chair, as we climb aboard the Alaska Express and roam through the forest and mountains of Alaska.


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