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Hometown Christian Magazine ~ Feb Issue

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The February Issue is now ready for your viewing pleasure.

This issue contains many more articles and bits & pieces of interesting political history of our wonderful nation the USA.

We hope that you enjoy the issue, please drop us a comment under: Contact Us. We would love to hear from you our loyal fans of TSCM and HCM.




President's Day Feb 19th 2018

President's Day is on Feb 19th, 2018...

Our FOREFATHERS came to this land to be FREE from persecution, bigotry, hatred, religious control and a new life. These brave men and women, most of them uneducated, had a common goal – COURAGE – it ran through their veins and out through their mouths. The United States of America has always been a proud and honorable country. A country that the world look to as an example of our Faith and Fortitude in values, morals, ethics and respect. This country has opened its arms to the poor, scared, and homeless… offering these nationalities the opportunity to make a better life… Many people found their way, made a way, and created a way to be an AMERICAN FIRST and their nationality second. EndFragmentThese brave and courageous people who came to the USA are, OUR families and friends… they were our leaders, officials, mom & pop businesses, and innovators.

We have an obligation and the right to be proud of our heritage and to continue to stand UP for what is God-given -- honorable, right, factual… to be counted … and be the beacon of light to the rest of the world. President’s Day is the 19th of February… the 45 men that have served as our President of the USA and each has been a world symbol of true LEADERSHIP and we need to be proud of it.

Each person that has been our elected official has sworn an oath on the Holy Bible to protect and defend the CONSTITUTION of the UNITED STATES. Some of our President’s did just that and other’s were determined to govern for their own personal gain.

It is difficult to honor those people… it is not difficult to forgive them and move forward! People of the United States be COURAGEOUS, be BRAVE, be HONORABLE, get right with God and Jesus Christ… your time on this planet is very short!

Use that time for the Glory of the Lord, protecting others, standing up for what is RIGHT, and fighting against (no matter who it is)… for what is WRONG.

* * *


May God forgive you for your short comings and


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