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Hometown Christian Magazine ~ Jan 2018

This new magazine is an extension of TEXAS STAR CHRISTIAN MAGAZINE 2017.

It will cover the entire United States of America with MORE exciting Articles, MORE amazing Images... and MORE Stars of the Month for your reading pleasure.

Please SHARE this New Magazine with your family and friends... It is FREE! If you would like to donate any funds, we ask that the donations go directly to ST. JUDES CHILDREN'S HOSPITAL. Just click on the button at the bottom of this website and it will take you to their website. No funds go through HCM and/or TSCM.

We pray that you will be so blessed by the many different topics within the pages of HOMETOWN CHRISTIAN MAGAZINE. We are blessed to bring it to you. As for TSCM... don't worry my wonderful Texas followers, the magazine and website will continue to feature TEXAS culture, stories, travel, wedding tips, and more... We value your loyality to TSCM and hope to continue bringing you delightful and colorful articles ... just for TEXAS!

Hometown Christian Magazine 2018 NEW!

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