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Joy In The Journey

“ Joy In The Journey“

Precious little children,

Don’t you shed a tear.

For time is of the essence,

And, 'I AM' very near.

Don’t think I cannot see,

Or surely understand.

All the things you encounter,

Even your toughest demands,

What I would like to encourage,

is for you to simply recall.

All of life’s greatest treasures,

when worries seem more

than tall.

Remember there is…

“Joy in the journey”,

And through your trying times.

I will hold you close to me ,

With your hand intertwined in mine.

Challenges will build great character,

This you know as true.

Never do, I want you to forget,

Of all the love I have for you.

Endless as the ocean,

Farther than light can shine.

You’re my dearest child,

Incredible by design.

Lean on me always,

Pray your heartfelt prayers.

Encourage one another,

Know that I truly care.

The gift you have been given,

may lighten another’s load.

Just when you think you have too much,

someone else might have a tougher road.

Show them that you know me,

Show them there is a better way.

Show them how strong you are,

Show them how you pray.

Teach them how to cope,

Lend them a Bible verse.

Watch their eyes light up,

Sending sorrow in reverse.

As you pay it forward,

They too might be inspired.

to share with another,

who may be getting pretty tired.

The circle of life is amazing,

Please merely do your part.

Often share these shimmers of hope,

I’ll be with you in your heart.

* * *

In Honor of Jesus our Lord and Savior! October 28, 2017

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