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Busy Months - July-Aug 2017

Hello everyone:

WoW... July and August was amazingly busy for this writer. We had the 4th of July celebration, several birthdays, and a couple of weddings and unfortunately.... so really bad storms in Texas and Florida. We are praying for those affected by these storms.

Back to School!

Now we're into September and our team was unable to work on the August Issue of the magazine, so we skipped it and went to September. So, with the schools getting started, having to purchase clothes and supplies, mom's and dad's running around like crazy trying to get everything together for the kids, there wasn't enough time to produce our August issue.

The Lord has given us such Blessings this past year and we know without a doubt He will continue to bless us in the coming months. We hope that you and your family will be OH sooo blessed as well!


A friend of the magazine has created a new website that is a MUST SEE!

It is:

It features videos, books, tools, and current events of things taking place in our ever changing world today. The site is focused on their book called: THE RAPTURE: the Final Emergency Handbook... that is also MUST READ... It can be found on for the low price of $8.99...

We recommend this booklet for yourself and buy several copies to give away to family and friends.

Since the world is changing... and the prophesies are being fulfilled all the time... it is a FACT that the Lord is getting ready to come and take His children out of this mess and save us from the evil that has come on to this earth.

LOOK AROUND YOU! It is here! The microchip, fema, death camps, walmart closing the stores and turning them into detention centers. FACT: THE END OF THIS WORLD (as we know it) IS COMING SOON!

Are you and your family ready to go to Heaven? Or do you ignore the signs and will wait so see what happens and go to Hell? Do your own research on Google-YouTube and other reliable resources that are still available to you. Things are NOT what you may think they are!


God's blessings to you and yours... T.S.C.M.

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