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Honoring our Military USA

At the end of the Month of May, we are granted the opportunity to remember unsung heroes of our armed forces who have died and passed on. This comes the last Monday of the month on Memorial Day.

When searching for heroes, the loved ones in our armed forces are quick to come to mind. I was a soldier’s wife and witnessed the sacrifices that soldiers had to make. When they first sign up, they write down their choices of what jobs they want and where they prefer to be stationed. Yet, this is just a dream list. Once they sign on the dotted line, they belong to Uncle Sam. He will tell them where to go, and when.

He will tell them what to do once they get there. The maneuvers are tough… physically, emotionally, mentally.

They wake at zero-dark-hundred-hours and work around the clock protecting our homeland. The training alone is vigorous work, not to mention actually going into battle. I give my biggest praise for those who see live action. Nothing can be more terrifying than that. Our soldiers kill for our country.

They put themselves in harm’s way so that we have the freedom we take for granted all too often. Sometimes it comes down to kill or be killed. What a terrible choice to have to make!

I’ve heard many stories where a solider smothered a live grenade with his body in order to protect his fellow soldiers. Of course, he died immediately from the explosion. Most of these heroes were less than 25 years old. Think of the bravery, courage and immense conviction these young men had for his fellow soldiers, for his country and for each of us. This decision had to have been made in a split second.

There was no time to think, no time to contemplate. He did what he thought was right and gave up his life so that others may live. I am totally in awe by this type of heroism. Joining the armed forces means giving your all… every ounce of your being. It means serving the needs of your country in full capacity. You may be hurt, severely wounded, hospitalized and might even die in the line of duty.

So this Memorial Day, remember the soldiers who had you in mind when they gave up everything for you. Remember to raise a flag in remembrance and to honor them.


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