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Grateful Heart

You held me in your arms

and gazed into my eyes

Seeing you for the first time

was such a great surprise

You wrapped me in snuggly blankets

to keep me warm and cozy

You watched me as I slept

even counted my little toesies

You recited the ABCs to me

before I could even talk

You encouraged my first steps

when I learned to walk

You bathed me and fed me

and sang me to sleep

Wiped all the tears away

whenever I would weep

You made sure I was pretty

in the cutest of clothes

Gave me medicine when I was sick

Wiped my runny nose

You put my needs before your own

a trait that goes beyond measure

For in your eyes I was an amazing gift

your life’s greatest treasure

Then it began to happen

One year turned into four

Before you could snap your fingers

My first date was knocking at the door

My teen years I was a rebel

I pushed the envelope on occasion

A few times I snuck out at night

though that was not part of your equation

You watch from the stands

As I graduated high school and then college

Without you dear mom

I would never have passed with this much knowledge

With your help I’d land a job

climb the corporate ladder

The only problem was

I forgot to acknowledge that which really matters

Yet it would not be very long

That I would walk down the marriage aisle

No one within the room

Could compete with your big smile

Then the day would come

our family would add another

It was such a precious day

When I became a mother

I held her in my arms

and gazed into her eyes

As she saw me for the first time

and was so pleasantly surprised

It was in that very moment

I would begin to understand

All that you had given me

coddled in your loving hands

As you looked upon us

your precious granddaughter and I

Feelings rushed over you

and you began to cry

For now your very daughter

might begin to comprehend

all the things you went through

committed to the bitter end

Yes, joy then overcame me

It was magnificent from the very start

I finally would begin to appreciate

Your tender, caring heart

For the circle of life continued

as you thought of your own mother

You realize you took for granted

the blessings you had received from another

You remember being in the chair

that I now sat within

looking at your mother

with a heartfelt grin

The circle of life you would acknowledge

Gaining wisdom oh so grand

You then began to teach me

all you had come to comprehend

How ironically you recognized

my motives and behaviors

Our lives would forever change

then you thanked your Lord and Savior

For he was there all your days

and would see your family through

The good times, the bad times

You now had a different point of view

So as I end this story

I plead its readers are far more smart

Remember to cherish your dear mom

With respect and a grateful heart


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