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TSCM - Easter April Issue 2017

Happy Easter to everyone! Jesus Has Risen and Saved us from our Sins! God bless the USA and the World!

"Pass IT forward" on April 28th International Celebration. Go to: for more important details and video!



* * *

As a child, I remember that my family always celebrated this special event. But, I also remembered it with great sadness. I didn’t want Jesus going through so much pain and suffering. I didn’t make sense to me ... just why He did it.

And, because I was so young, I often thought that I must really be a bad person if Jesus had to go to the cross for my sins. I would tell myself how awful I must be and even call myself names for being so terrible, that He did what He did.

These negative thoughts left a deep impression on my young mind that later in life affected my friendships, my jobs, and my self – esteem. It wasn’t until I had became an adult that I finally understood the reasons behind His sacrifice and suffering.

I didn’t realize that He didn’t do this awful thing because I WAS SO BAD! He did it because HE LOVES ME SO MUCH! That I (and many others) are the most important beings in the universe --- to Jesus & to God.

Going to the cross was the only way He could tell everyone that He loves us and wants us to come back HOME to be with Him and God our Father, to the very One that created us to start with! When I understood the power of this agape love... that HE holds for me and you, I couldn’t hardly wait to accept His gift, thank Him for it, turn ask for forgiveness, and my heart and give my soul back to Him.

Jesus has Risen from the Grave! Amen!

So you see that Easter isn’t about the fun stuff! Like coloring eggs, hiding them, wearing pretty spring clothing, going to church, having picnics in the park, or eating chocolate bunnies... (although... I really LIKE chocolate)!

It is only about His LOVE for us...

His sacrifice for us... And His Gift to us...

Eternal Life in Heaven with Him, with God, with the Angels, with Family & Friends... For ever and ever more!

Happy Easter!




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