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Yosemite Intrigue (complete version)

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Yosemite National Park in 1967, the seasons were changing into a hot summer. This season was no different than any other one that Molly and the staff had experienced. It was just as amazing and undeniably beautiful. The sky was a brilliant blue with puff clouds that slowly crossed over the mountain peaks. The giant redwoods still stood tall and majestic as they ready themselves for summertime and a lot of visitors to the park.

Molly suddenly wondered, as she walked down the pathway heading toward the Lodge, “is someone following me?” She looked around the lush green meadow and in both directions of the road. She didn’t see anyone, but this strong feeling of being watched came over her again. Molly wondered if the strange dreams that she had been having lately had anything to do with her feeling of someone actually following her today.

Mostly her dreams were about other people, but were never scary or foreboding. But, this dream was about her and a dark and sinister Silhouette that was chasing her. Suddenly, it grabbed her and carried her through the meadow, and over to the cliff’s narrow edge... she never knew what happened after that, because each time she would wake up.

Molly sat down on an old sugar pine log along side the paved road. Once again she scanned the area and still didn’t see anyone. She had just gotten off work at 5:30 on this beautiful day and really didn’t have a worry in her pretty head, except for that silly dream that kept bugging her.

Molly’s nature was not to be a skeptic, however, she was known to be very careful. She didn’t often put herself in situations that might cause herself harm; like walking after dark down one of these valley roads or going to wild parties where the employees were drinking alcohol.

It wasn’t her thing to get mixed up with that did that sort of thing. She preferred to read books, write letters, and talking to the tourist that traveled to Yosemite. She liked going to Fresno to shop or go see a movie, bowling and she really loved visiting friends, and she liked her job.

As she sat there she looked around at the most beautiful Valley in the world. Behind her was the majestic Half Dome and to her right was Yosemite Falls over flowing its granite boulders. And, on her left she could almost see Bridal Veil Falls through the trees. She felt peace go through her heart and mind, like a soothing melody.

She heard the black birds singing and she join them by raising her pure soprano voice toward the Yosemite skies. The music was so beautiful that it echoed across the landscape and seeped into the towering rocks and tall pines.

She was actually looking forward to this summer season and secretly Molly liked having the noisy tourists or the N.T.s, come to visit her Valley every year. Of course, Yosemite wasn't really her very own, valley... she just liked to pretend it was all hers. Sometimes it was hard to accept that she really had to share this place with outsiders.


She still had that nagging feeling that kept creeping inside her head... was she being watched.

As she continued on her way, Molly carefully pulled her long sleeve button-down polo shirt over the waistline of her bell-bottom, blue jeans. She looked down at her tennis shoes and again, noticed that one of her shoes was untied.

She thought, ‘When would someone ever make shoes that tied themselves’, she mused, ‘that'll be the day!’ Since it was almost time for dinner she needed to hurry and she meet her girlfriends in the Lodge Café.

However, it never bothered her to be by herself, because it gave her plenty of time for thinking and prayer on the good things in her life. Whenever she was in a deep conversation with the Lord, she was at complete peace in HER beautiful valley and once again she smiled sweetly. She had an amazing secret that only she and the Lord shared... at least for now.

* * * JOE

As Joe drove down the narrow two-lane road toward the Lodge, he spotted Molly and he immediately recognized her small girlish frame as she came into view...

* * * Read MORE!

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