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The Rapture: the Final Emergency... Poem: Rapping on my Door!

Worldwide Devastation - Disaster - Death!

What if …There are people all around the world that one day disappeared into thin air, and there is nothing left but massive chaos … HOW would you SURVIVE? WHAT would you DO?



The Rapping on my Door

Written: April 30, 2017 / 2:00 am Sunday morning

I heard a rapping on my door,

But, I stayed in my chair --- fear at my core.

I did not know who would bother at such an hour,

Yet something gripped me with a furious power.

I had busied myself with life’s many stings,

I didn’t want to be bothered, with more silly things.

It puzzled me, it worried me, at that moment’s time,

As I heard the old clock, start its hourly chime.

I looked toward its’ moving hands, as it reached it’s final hour,

When once again came rapping --- with that same power.

I inched toward the sound and opened the door wide,

And, was shocked to see what was happening outside.

I stood there looking up and down the ways,

At abandon cars, frantic folks and chaotic craze.

He had come as foretold, as a ‘thief’ in the night,

And, had taken nearly everyone, in His Holy sight.

I cried out to the world, “No, not yet”...

But, no one could hear my screams of regret.

I stood alone and oh, so forgotten,

There was no hope, no God, everything had turned rotten.

Jesus had return, like He said he would,

He took his devoted people, from right where they stood.

He rapture them into heaven, right past the churches' tall,

He gathered them upward, not one of them would fall.

I knew it would happen, or so I was told,

But, I didn’t care to listen --- He wouldn’t be so bold!

I stand at my door, I stand here alone,

I stand at my door, I stand here --- and I groan!

by: the Emergency Prayer Team


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